Huawei TMF1AUX



Huawei TMF1AUX for OSN9800 M12

Huawei OSN 9800 M12 System auxiliary Communication Board With Clock Processing Function, 03026EAS

TMF1AUX System Auxiliary Communication Board

Applied to Huawei OSN 9800 M12, it locks the reference clock source and provides clock signals and frame signals to the system

TMF1AUX board supports 1+1 hot backup scheme, two AUXs serve as mutual backups

TMF1AUX board supports Time synchronization function and Clock source selection function

The TMF1AUX board is a system auxiliary communication board with clock processing function. The AUX board manages and controls other boards in the subrack and implements inter-NE communication. It supports subrack cascading and power supply backup, and provides a clock source for system communications.

Valid Slots
OptiX OSN 9800 M12 Subrack: IU73, IU74
Initial Version of Different Subrack
Function and FeatureDescription
Basic functionsPerforms service grooming and configuration management inside the subrack and reports associated alarms to the NMS.
The AUX board collects overheads of other boards and sends the overheads to the SCC board. Then, the SCC board processes the overheads and sends the processed overheads to the AUX board. Subsequently, the AUX board sends the processed overheads back to the other boards.
Locks the reference clock source. Provides the system with ITU-T clock signals that comply with ITU-T G.813, ITU-T G.823 and ITU-T G.8275.1, and frame signals. Synchronizes the time of an NE with the time of the upstream system.
DCN communicationSupports inter-NE communication through IP over DCC or HWECC.
InterfaceProvides Ethernet communication.
Provides common and emergency inter-subrack communication interfaces.
Provides clock and time signal input and output interface.
Pluggable Optical Module Supported
CSFP,Tx1490/Rx1310 nm,125M to 1.25Gbps,-9dBm,-3dBm,-24dBm,LC,SM,10km,-40 to 85degC
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm)176 x 20.3 x 267.35
Weight (kg)0.9
Typical Power Consumption (W)36
Maximum Power Consumption (W)45
Additional information
FeaturesHardware Compatibility, Hardware Tested