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General FAQ's

What is Zero-to-Ping?

Zero-to-Ping (ZTP) is a commitment we make to all of our customers to enable you to get online and confirm network connectivity when you purchase a pfSense appliance from Netgate. From the out-of-box experience, to connecting your new pfSense firewall to the Internet, to getting one client online and pinging outside the network, we’re here for you. Please note that any configuration beyond that will require a yearly support subscription. If you are a customer who needs this assistance, please visit https://nexgntech.com and open a trouble ticket. Please include your order number, Netgate Device ID, and your phone number. Our professional staff will contact you to assist.

How do I request TAC support?

Sign into our customer portal at https://nexgntech.com to request TAC support. TAC ENTERPRISE customers can also utilize telephone support for urgent issues. Please keep in mind you must have a valid TAC subscription on each appliance for which you are requesting assistance. TNSR customers can get technical assistance using their order number or serial number from their Netgate appliance.

What packages that run on pfSense software do you support?

The TAC team supports packages maintained in-house and others that have been proven to work well with our software. Packages include snort, squid, squidGuard, suricata, haproxy and more. For a complete list of supported packages and their requirements.